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Lecture and tour given in the 
Joseph Bau House

REBECCA and JOSEPH BAU – The Miracle
Life story of Joseph and Rebecca Bau through art and humor

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We are the daughters of Rebecca and Joseph Bau whose wedding is shown in the movie "Schindler´s List”. Joseph Bau was a painter, graphic artist, writer, poet, and animation pioneer who created animated movies using equipment he built with his own two hands. His uniqueness is in his original viewpoint that combines humor, laughter and optimism on subjects that are usually accompanied by anxiety, trauma and bitterness.


We convey to the listeners the wondrous life story of Joseph and Rebecca Bau in a fascinating way that combines humor. This story includes the many miracles that happened to them before, during and after the Holocaust.


The exhibit, lecture and book have received much praise in Israel, U.S.A and Canada. They take interest in our different perspective that was taught to us and helped us cope with the subject of the Holocaust.


Since our father was used as a graphic artist in the Ghetto and camps it enabled him to forge documents and identity papers that allowed hundreds of Jews to escape the ghetto and the camp.

Our mother saved also hundreds of people by risking herself. She is also the one who put our father´s name on Schindler´s List. She herself was sent to Auschwitz.


The lecture emphasizes how it is possible to keep your dignity and freedom of thought under disgraceful circumstances meant to trample any semblance of human warmth.


The Bau couple´s strength was in their ability to cope with impossible hardships with humor, unending optimism, the love of their fellow man and always finding the good in even the worst situations.



These traits that included humor, wisdom and life´s experience allowed the Bau´s to survive the inferno of WW2 while saving their souls and through rare bravery to save hundreds of other Jews.


This lecture that teaches about loyalty, courage and the love of fellow humans is important in that it instills the awareness of the Holocaust to all ages and shows the importance of maintaining human dignity through the humiliating conditions of the extermination camps. We also hope to end hate by understanding what our parents went through. We think that we should always talk about history, so it doesn´t repeat itself.


All these important messages are conveyed through the use of Joseph Bau´s unique drawings done in the ghetto and concentration camps and poems written in those impossible circumstances.




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